The only bounderies and limits we have are those that we impose to ourselves. When truth is the fact that one can do and reach beyond any limits. If one dares.

It is said art should provoke. This work hopes that it does exactly that. It provokes every individual to find within themselves desire, strength, passion to go beyond their known bounderies, in no matter which part of work or life. Improve. Themselves, for themselves. Thus improving first the quality of own life and than society.

Art and education are the sparks that initiate us to think and strive, expand and set intellectual challenges. Spark that doesn’t allow us to be satisfied with shortcuts, mediocrity and trivial.

Art is an individual and unique expression of inner thought and feeling. Each person possess within individuality, unique personality. That makes each life unique. Life, an unique piece of art. Life is art as art is life.

“Art is my…” looks on art as whole, its necessity for quality living and perceiving life, with all its individuality and originality, as a form of art. It aims to remind of these sparks that we should never forget about and that we should embrace, through artists – pictures, stories and performances of their artistry and their everydayness. Because, an artist is not necessarily just the person doing art. Just as well, even without being an artist, one becomes so in its own way and work – by making their everydayness, their life, their doing be inspired and lead by artistry and innovative thinking.



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