After reading the excerpt of Daniel’s biography here, feel free to visit his website for more details.

Daniel Kuzmin, violinist (photo © Aldegonde Le Compte

Daniel Kuzmin was born in a family of musicians in Zagreb in 1983. After he finished elementary and secondary music school, he continued to study violin at the Zagreb Conservatory of Music in the class of prof. Silvano Kuzmin, and in 2006 graduated at the top of his teacher’s class.
He has won first prizes in state and country competitions and he has been twice the absolute winner of the „Etudes and Scales“- international competition in Zagreb. During his studies he gave recitals on International music festivals in the country and abroad: „F. Krešma“ in Osijek- Croatia, „Jugendorchester Festival“in St. Gallen- Switzerland and „ Music Youth Hope in Petrozavodsk” in Russia, and solo recitals at the Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society in Zagreb, on several Croatian Summer Festivals. In 2008 he gave a highly acclaimed solo recital at the Regent Hall in London with the well known pianist Alberto Portugheis. He was a permanent member and concertmaster of the „Zagreb Youth Chamber Orchestra“ with whom he won third prize on the„Jugend und Musik in Wien” orchestra competition, and gave solo performances in Croatia, Switzerland and Austria.
Since 2006 he has been living in Brussels, where he continued to study violin at the „Conservatoire Royal“ in the class of prof. Adam Korniszewski and where he graduated in 2010 with „Grande distinction” as the best student of the year.
During his studies in Belgium he founded the string quartet „Cordis“, with which he studied at „La Chapelle Reine Elisabeth”, under the guidance of Artemis quartet. In 2010 he continues his studies with the „Cordis” quartet at the „Nederlandse StrijkKwartet Academie” under the guidance of Marc Danel (Danel quartet) and Stefan Metz (Orlando quartet).

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