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Ivana Ilić, musician/music therapist

Ivana was born in Nis (Serbia) where she obtained Bachelor diploma at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Music Pedagogy in 2006. She continued her education and obtained Master degree in music therapy in Barcelona (Spain) in 2010, where she specialized in the application of music therapy in education and special education. Drawn by experience in working with children of different abilities and needs, Ivana decided to extend the application of music therapy in various spheres of work with the children and young people and upon returning to her hometown she opened a music studio “Musicorn”. The basic idea of the existence of such institutions is to introduce children to the creative world, awakening potential and stimulation of psychomotor development in both children with typical development and children with developmental disabilities. She is an associate in Mensa program to encourage talent, where music is used as a motivational element for learning non-musical content and providing psycho-social support.

Ivana enjoys the transfer of knowledge and ideas, and as such her work is reflected in the writing on the topic of music therapy for a variety of domestic and foreign magazines. She is one of the authors of the International Dictionary of music therapy.


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