To follow and read more about Tobias and duo Sweet visit their website or Facebook page or ReverbNation profile or listen to them on SoundCloud.

Tobias Le Compte , singer/songwriter

Afterwards at an age of 8 years he learned classical guitar for 2 years, after which he switched to electric guitar.Meanwhile he also went to school for classical percussion lessons.
As his father, Korneel Le Compte is a well-known renomated double bassplayer, holding degrees for First Price in Double Bass, Master in Double Bass, Master in Barok Double Bass & Violone and is currently finishing his Doctor Degree in Double Bass, learning the bass was a must, although Tobias chose for bass guitar, rather than learning the double bass.

Tobias went to following schools for music education: V.E.M Private Music School Ghent, AMWD Ghent, Muziekschool Groot-Bijgaarden, Muda Institute for Music & Dance Ghent, Shanghai Conservatory for Music

In oktober 2008 he came to Shanghai to perform on the Shanghai Boashan Sixth International Folk Arts Festival. He came back to Shanghai in 2009 to learn Chinese language & culture. He also started playing with several bands in clubs and on corporate events in Shanghai and all around China (even Asia, including Japan, Hong Kong & Taiwan).

TV Shows: Shanghai TV/Oriental TV: Sing It!, Wo Zui Xiang Liang (with Cao Qi Tai, Lin Hai, etc.)
Hunan TV: Gei Li Xing Qi Tian (With H3, Harlem, Huang Xiao Hu, He Jiong, Xie Na, Li Xiang, Wen Len, Yu Quan, Zhang Jie, etc)

Tours/Concerts: Christian Howes 2010 China Tour, Boogie Boy & N8N (Tribute to Ray Charles) 2012 China Tour, etc.


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