Here is a little something about this fearless warrior. And after reading about her, you can also check her Blog and SoundCloud

Viola Le Compte, double bass (photo © Aldegonde Le Compte /

Viola Le Compte comes from family of artists – musicians, sculptors, designers… So it is no wonder that she found her own way into the world of arts. After finishing her Bachelor studies at the Royal Conservatory in Brussels, she continued her Master studies at Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. Beside performing with different chamber groups, Viola regularly performs with orchestras (such as deMunt, Brussels Philharmonic, Il Novecento…). Her passion for teaching and molding young minds led to the birth of her first children’s book, about Mozart and his life and work (currently available to order in English and Nederlands via Lulu). Beside engagements in classical music, she performs as Jazz singer.

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