… game

Art is my game

game |gām|
(1):an activity providing entertainment or amusement; (2):a single instance of competitive an activity;(3):a calculated strategy or approach; a scheme; (4): [mathematics] a model of a competitive situation that identifies interested parties and stipulates rules governing all aspects of the competition, used in game theory to determine the optimal course of action for an interested party.
(1):eager or willing to do something new or challenging.
(1):play at games of chance for gain; (2):manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous;
[Old English gamen; related to Old Norse gaman, Old High German gaman amusement].

Whether it is an amusement, tactic, maneuver our first association is undoubtably childhood. The resilient energy and drive that takes us on endless journeys. Journeys that teach us and make our mind spark with ideas and how-tos for improving our performance and output. Competing, but with idea of overcoming ourselves and our previous achievements. Art brings all of these aspects of expressing, learning and having fun. It keeps us fresh and open. It keeps the mind in search. It keeps the child within alive and the “shadow” free, while still attached. It makes for best of both coexist and flourish in harmony.

*concept/text: ds
*photo/edit: ds

To meet Daniel, look here.


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