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reborn |rēˈbôrn|
(1): brought back to life; (2)activity: having experienced a complete spiritual change
1598, from re- “back, again” + born, past tense of birth (q.v.). Rebirth is attested from 1837.

We get to be born. Our life starts. As we grow we learn. We learn about everything and anything. We feed our mind. We feed our soul. The more we know and feel, the more we become thirsty and hungry to express something. Through this constant exchange and journey, through new experiences we get enlightened. Life and art – unseparable components of happiness. As we draw energy out of everyday life and surrounding only to release it back. Giving new meanings, those that initiate creativity to have potential of seeing art in everything. Creating or recreating is essential to feed this drive within. With each new piece, experiencing it, learning it, feeling it, expressing your own self through it – we get a chance to be reborn. Reborn as a better improved self. More knowledgeable, more sensual, more… everything. Reborn, step further than our last “birth”, with goals and challenges further than where we were. In sense of creating new, as well as living life to its fullest through achieved. Creating something new out of nothing, out of ideas born out of world around us and implementing them into “way of thinking”.

*concept/text: ds
*photo/edit: ds

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