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art is my aim

aim |ām|
(1):to direct toward an intended target; (2):to direct toward or intend for a particular goal or grou;(3):to determine a course or direct an effort; (4):o propose to do something; have the intention; 
(1):a purpose or intention toward which one’s efforts are directed; (2):the act of aiming;(3): the direction at a target.
Middle English aimen, from Old French esmer, to estimate (from Latin aestimre) and from Old French aesmer (from Vulgar Latin *ad estimre : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin aestimre, to estimate).

Art is knowledge. As such it is both a weapon and an aim. It demands one to, whatever art form they want to express in, search, discover, include, reveal and completely expose thoughts and emotions. The fact of the matter is that an art piece shows the deepest connection of one’s inner thoughts and feelings with everything around them. To open one’s self in that way, consciously, takes bravery and courage. Sometimes the search takes unusual turns, but eventually leads back to the goal. If you think about it, isn’t it a bit like the archer’s paradox – the phenomenon of an arrow traveling in the direction it is pointed at at full draw, when it seems that the arrow would need to pass through the starting position it was in before being drawn, where it was pointed to the side of the target.

On the end, these processes and adventures, with all the bending and seeming misleadings, bring experience, knowledge , broadened emotional pallet and intelligence and therefor are completely worthy.

*concept/text: ds
*photo/edit: ds

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