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speak |spēk|
verb ( past spoke |spōk|; past part. spoken |ˈspōkən|) [ intrans. ]
(1):the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings; (2):say something in order to convey information, an opinion, or a feeling;(3):communicate in or be able to communicate in; (4):convey one’s views or position; (5):serve as evidence for something
Old English sprecan, later specan; related to Dutch spreken and German sprechen.

Art gives us possibilities to embrace different cultures, experience them, feel them and in return express ourselves better and with more diversity and more genuine. We all know art is an universal language. But constantly engaging with and in it, making it irreplaceable part of you, your “language” becomes richer for few of those important words like freedom to see and notice, courage to feel and accept and bravery to act and express.

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wilderness |ˈwildərnis|
noun [usu. in sing. ]
(1): a tract or region uncultivated and uninhabited by human beings; (2): an area essentially undisturbed by human activity together with its naturally developed life community
Old English wildēornes [land inhabited only by wild animals,]
from wild dēor [wild deer] + ness .

Every once in a while we all get in that difficult, even painful and scary moment in life when we are to encounter with something new and frightening. Like thrown in to the wild. Completely unconstrained, uninhabited, unrestrained… yet drawing us there with the adventure of taming and inheriting feelings and experiences and infiltrating this new knowledge into our future selves. Any piece of art gives us an opportunity to do exactly that. Every piece of art becomes our own personal safari. Filled with excitement, unknown, possibilities, fright, beauty…. And upon our own “conquering” and process of acceptance is finished, these unheeded knowledge and experiences become a part of reform. Towards evolution.

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reborn |rēˈbôrn|
(1): brought back to life; (2)activity: having experienced a complete spiritual change
1598, from re- “back, again” + born, past tense of birth (q.v.). Rebirth is attested from 1837.

We get to be born. Our life starts. As we grow we learn. We learn about everything and anything. We feed our mind. We feed our soul. The more we know and feel, the more we become thirsty and hungry to express something. Through this constant exchange and journey, through new experiences we get enlightened. Life and art – unseparable components of happiness. As we draw energy out of everyday life and surrounding only to release it back. Giving new meanings, those that initiate creativity to have potential of seeing art in everything. Creating or recreating is essential to feed this drive within. With each new piece, experiencing it, learning it, feeling it, expressing your own self through it – we get a chance to be reborn. Reborn as a better improved self. More knowledgeable, more sensual, more… everything. Reborn, step further than our last “birth”, with goals and challenges further than where we were. In sense of creating new, as well as living life to its fullest through achieved. Creating something new out of nothing, out of ideas born out of world around us and implementing them into “way of thinking”.

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art is my bubble

More than in any other period , while in their creative process artists live in a bubble. But it is not a protective bubble, as it may appear. It is a multi-layer bubble. Where the fist layer absorbs everything from the “outer” world. And than, through artists creative thinking and understanding, filters it. Right into the inner layer. One where all the feelings, thoughts, ideas are carefully mixed and put into expressing in the best possible way – making an unique creation grow. Right until the moment of bubble bursting – a moment artists strives to, sending perfectly meaningful and sincere message through his creation. A bubble is a place where peacefulness and rage, love and hate, reality and abstract… coexist. Not only coexist, but lead each other. Lead each other to perfect harmony. To perfect existence. To perfection: balanced mixture of “perfect” and “imperfect”, as substance of life and imagination.

Dear reader you must see the resemblance to life events and thoughts that occupy us daily. You simply must. But just imagine… how much easier it would be to invent and find good solutions and process of action if we would constantly “train” ourselves through creating and experiencing art. Educate ourselves.

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