… speech

speak |spēk|
verb ( past spoke |spōk|; past part. spoken |ˈspōkən|) [ intrans. ]
(1):the expression of or the ability to express thoughts and feelings; (2):say something in order to convey information, an opinion, or a feeling;(3):communicate in or be able to communicate in; (4):convey one’s views or position; (5):serve as evidence for something
Old English sprecan, later specan; related to Dutch spreken and German sprechen.

Art gives us possibilities to embrace different cultures, experience them, feel them and in return express ourselves better and with more diversity and more genuine. We all know art is an universal language. But constantly engaging with and in it, making it irreplaceable part of you, your “language” becomes richer for few of those important words like freedom to see and notice, courage to feel and accept and bravery to act and express.

*concept/text: ds
*photo/edit: ds

To meet Tobias and Sherry, duo Sweet, visit their profiles: Tobias or Sherry


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