… superpower

Art is my superpower

superpower |ˈsoōpərˌpouər|
(1):superior power; power greater in scope or magnitude than that which is considered natural or has previously existed; (2):an extremely powerful nation, especially one capable of influencing international events and the acts; (3):mechanical or electrical power, on an extremely large scale secured by the linking together of a number of separate power systems, with a view to more efficient and economical generation and distribution.
[First known use: 1920-25].

As children we dream of having superpowers. Being superheroes. The idea to be able to make a change, make a difference has never been a stranger to our child-self, but as well to our grown-self. To be a superhero first for your own good, but also for the greater good. For little things, for big things, for yourself, for a stranger, for society… For being better. For better being.
Beside their superpowers, superheroes we meet through stories all have, or had, those moment of solitude, reflection, leading to their becoming a superhero. Before engaging and using their powers to their best and fullest. Art and creative thinking allows a person to apprehend information from various sources, to take and through process of creation reflect and reinvent the content, in solitude of inner thinking (or actual isolation) to the moment of engaging and releasing the creation, sharing it with others. The artist him(her)self emerges victorious, for the knowledge and feelings he(she) enriches him(her)self and there for enlarges their potential and the potential of contribution to the greater picture – society, the world. Furthermore, it is not only as individual that one can function, but also collaborating with other artist, creative thinkers, making for a collective and even stronger impact.
It is this richness of the “felt” and of the knowledge on ethics and aesthetics that makes for a true superpower. That makes art be the superpower, the “very powerful and influential nation” needed for a greater good, for a better world.

*concept/text: Gergely Kóta, Dejana Sekulic
*photo/edit: DS

To meet Gergely, look here.


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