… Lifesaber / Lightsaver

Art is my Lifesaber Art is my Lightsaver

lightsaber |ˈlītˌsābər|
(1): a sword whose blade is in the form of a laser or powerful beam of light, as used by the Jedi knights in the Star Wars films.
[First known use: (*fictional world):Although the earliest known functional lightsaber was the First Blade, built on Tython prior to the Force Wars by an unknown Je’daii Master known only as the Weapon Master, and was further developed by 15,500 BBY, the fully functioning and stable lightsabers appeared in the Old Republic Era 3643 – 3640 BBY; (*non fictional world): 1977].

lifesaver |līf′sā′vər ˈlʌɪfseɪvə(r)|
(1): something that saves person’s life; (2): something or someone which provides help that is badly needed; (3): one trained to save lives of a drowning persons; (4): one that is at once timely and effective in time of crisis or emergency; (5): Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – piece of equipment designed to assist a wearer, who may be either conscious or unconscious, to keep afloat (usually refers to the preserver shaped like a ting.
[First known use: 1880-85]

Lifesaver and lightsaber, simple or imaginary, are tools used to carry out particular function. Instruments of, and for, protecting life, empowering it, shielding it, strengthening it. Life, and us.

Lightsaber, although a weapon, is a tool of protection, exploration, strength and courage for fighting for the cause. The tool that makes us brave to go, search, research, seek, explore, find, conquer the unknown, all the frightening and intimidating experiences ahead. It is easy to imagine Art being just that kind of instrument used of and for exploring, searching, researching, collecting and interpreting knowledge, experiences, ideas, feelings. A tool that helps us understand and then direct all these thoughts and sensible in becoming articulated opinions, thinkings.

Lifesaver, something that protects life, a tool of shielding. Art, through its power of both emotional and intellectual comfort and stimulation, is the ultimate life west. It is a saviour that keeps the body, mind and soul afloat. Away from drowning in deep unpleasant stressfulness of everyday struggles and challenges. It is an instrument that leads the way and brings us safe to shore, to staying alive, to living.

Whence… it comes as only natural to feel, see and understand that Art is the ultimate apparatus needed for particular activity and purpose – for living. Living life, not merely survive it.

*concept/text: Gergely Kóta, Dejana Sekulic
*photo/edit: DS

To meet Gergely, look here.


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